“Edge Of The World” By The SILVERS Gets An Early Review – MUSIC LINK UPDATED!

The Silvers on Thursday, March 16, 2023 in Novato, Calif. Photo by Frankie Frost

Note: This song will be the opening track for the new EP, “Mosaic” which is due out next month! The song may be heard here. It should be noted that the songs on this EP will be mixed and mastered by Stuart Epps in the UK.

Overall Impression:
Effectively combining classic pop-rock styles with compelling streaks of alternative, The Silvers deliver a melody-driven, groove-heavy tune that bears both engaging performances and well-crafted writing, resulting in a continuously compelling arrangement that’s powered by a profound lyrical theme at its heart. With its feel-infused guitar work, rousing rhythmic momentum, and anthemic singalong qualities, “Edge of the World” is a brilliant rock track that manages to effectively showcase the talent and artistry of its creators, offering a thought-provoking and memorable listening experience that I’m sure will resonate with many an ardent rock lover.

Strongest Point(s):
As is the case with each and every track whisked up by The Silvers, the performances are of a particularly high standard and help to inject the writing with both a level of excitement and purpose that ensures you’re pulled in instantly. The highly melodious and stylistically fitting nature of the vocals helps to really inject an added sense of poignancy into the already absorbing nature of the lyrics whilst the additional backing vocals help to add further depth and timbral layers to the overall texture of the track. The arrangement of the individual instrumental layers is equally well done and helps to significantly expand upon the song’s diverse palette of sounds, ensuring each and every element comes together to create a cohesive and dynamic whole that heightens the effectiveness of the writing greatly. Everything is nicely tied together by a solid mix that manages to adopt a particularly classic 60s/70s aesthetic that manages to contrast brilliantly with the track’s alternative rock leanings, making for an authentic and wholly enthralling listening experience that is worth coming back to.

Target Audience Appeal:
“Edge Of The World” is a solid piece of rock writing and I’m sure lovers of the genre will find it to be a worthwhile listening experience.

Artist target suggestions:
R.E.M., Counting Crows, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Tom Petty, Bruce Springsteen, The Doors, Steve Miller Band, George Harrison, Mudcrutch, Little Feat

About The Reviewer:
Andre Avanessian is a freelance session musician, composer, and sound engineer based in the U.K. Having studied music production and composition at a degree level, he has taken his passion for all things audio-related to a level that has allowed him to become both a competent musician and performer. Being a self-confessed “Guitar Nerd” Andre has been continually studying the guitar as well as teaching it, helping students learn the instrument, develop their songwriting, and become proficient in home recording.

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  1. Hello Mick, being up north right now is fantastic as I am to practice again and improve my craft.
    As of late I have transcribed and I’m learning yellow jackets Monmouth college fight song.
    I have a new client basically the same as you’re only a little different style and he’s very accomplished.
    Mixing down in San Rafael in both studios. The rooms are doing well. Going to winter in Florida next year. Have a lot of gigs in Miami and Delray Beach all down there it’s going to be a lot of fun. Take care of yourself you filthy animal. Love, D


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