The Silvers Newsletter May 2023

The Silvers on Thursday, March 16, 2023 in Novato, CA – Mick, Carl and Dain

Hello again Friends,

Well, April went by really fast! Remember those tracks we recorded for the 5 songs in March? Well, they are being mixed and mastered by Stuart Epps in the UK and should be out at the end of the month; a 4 song EP entitled “Mosaic”.

“What about the 5th song”, you ask? It’s our annual contribution to original Christmas Songs entitled, “Cosy As Can Be (Here Beside The Christmas Tree)”. The spelling of cozy is intentionally spelled like it would be in the UK in honor of our fantastic guitarist, vocalist and songwriter, Dain Bedford-Pugh! It will be released in December. “Cosy” will also be featured on the 2023 WOA Christmas Compilation album along with music other Indie Artists.

Our new single, “Edge Of The World” which is the opening track on our upcoming EP, got an early rave review. It may be seen here.

Keep an eye on the Revlis Records website for information on how to order your digital download and/or your copy of the limited release of the new EP, “Mosaic”. The CD will be packaged in a special foldout digipack that will have notes and information on the band that you won’t be able to get anywhere else.

And our animation team of Randyl Bishop and Juan Carlos Quattordio just posted a new video for our last single, “I’m Dancing… Again” on YouTube.

Next we’d like to thank all the existing people as well as the new subscribers on the and websites. Keep those wonderful comments coming. We read them all!

Finally, AKADEMIA has informed us that The SILVERS are being considered for 2022 Artist Of The Year as well as being inducted into their Hall Of Fame. Watch for more information about this as the story develops.

That’s it for now. Happy May Day and enjoy your Cinco de Mayo! Stay safe.

The Silvers
Carl. Dain and Mick

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