The Silvers Newsletter January 2023

Hello Friends,

Well, 2022 is gone and with it a lot of big news for THE SILVERS!

Our contribution, “Christmas Rock”, (also got a very positive review on December 2, 2022) was written by Mick Orton and Tom Kelly and recorded by Dain, Carl and Mick at Shabby Road Studios in Novato, CA owned by David Kessner.

“Christmas Rock” was included on the WOA Christmas Compilation album which hit #1 several times in December on the iTunes Easy Listening chart in the UK, but significantly on Christmas Day! This song is also featured in an animated video from the North Pole with a special thanks to our animators, Randyl Bishop (in Georgia) and Juan Carlos Quattordio (in Argentina) for completing it on time! Be sure and drop them a note on Facebook.

We’d also like to send a special thank you to WOA FM 99 and host (and rock star), Oliver Sean, for showcasing several interviews during the year with Silver, Mick Orton, as well as for featuring several songs by THE SILVERS. This includes a special show which aired on December 16, 2022 of ALL ORIGINAL SILVERS CHRISTMAS SONGS. Mick is interviewed about half way through with some insights to the songs and how they came about.

The Silvers album, “Oceans” on Revlis Records, was released in both digital and CD format on October 1, 2022 featuring 11 new all original songs written by the guys.

Many of the songs off “Oceans” by THE SILVERS have gotten very positive reviews which include “Someday”, “Time Slips By”, “Meant For Great Things”. “Rush Hour”, “Reaching Out” and “You Know You Had It Coming” as well as the “Oceans” album itself!

November 11, 2022 was the release date for the movie, “Manifest West”, which showcased 2 songs by THE SILVERS, “Keep On Believing” and “Looking Good”. Scroll down to the “DID YOU KNOW” section and you will find credits for the soundtrack. Special thanks goes out to Michael Davenport at Expressive Artists for giving us this unique opportunity.

In October 2022, “You Know You Had It Coming” won AKADEMIA Music Award for best Rock Song. It is also featured in the last Silvers Surf City animated adventure on YouTube where the boys are finally rescued by their Uber-Plane and are brought back to the “real” animated world (until Christmas, that is)!

In September 2022, THE SILVERS were the #1 artist on Reverbnation’s chart topping Tucson artists for “Reaching Out”!

Around October 9, 2022 THE SILVERS became a TOPIC on YouTube thanks to CDBaby.

Look, we could go on and on about all our accomplishments, but the key thing to remember is, the Beatles were together 8 years before they were “discovered”, and 2023 marks the 8th year from when THE SILVERS were formed in 2015!

So go to our website, and you can read all about 2022 highlights as well as the years leading up this post!

Here’s wishing you all a very HAPPY NEW YEAR in 2023!

The Silvers
Dain, Carl and Mick

PS and how about a shout out to all the new subscribers who have found us on Radio Airplay, Number One Music and many others! Thank you, Camila, Carmella, Blanka, Daze, Ayla, James, Mai, Hung, Audrey, Albina and Cynthia, (as well as all the other who contacted us last year!) for your support and encouragement. And if we’ve missed anyone, we’re sorry. Best wishes to you all!

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