THE SILVERS Release “End Of Summer” EP… Finally?

End Of Summer EP Track List

End Of Summer EP Track List

Hello everyone. The “End Of Summer” EP by THE SILVERS should be out. I got notice that the final product shipped to Genterine Records a couple of days ago. Due to a mistake by yours truly, the release was held up a couple of weeks.

Don’t forget, you can still order our first LP, “After The Laughter” at Genterine Records.

To give you a taste of what you will hear, here is one of the songs remixed and mastered by Drew Youngs. It is not the same master that is on the album, but it should give you an idea of what you will hear on “End Of Summer”.

“Looking Good”

Click on the link above to hear “Looking Good”. As a side note, this song was just chosen by a Music Industry Professional at Fast Track Music, however, it was already licensed to Expressive Artists. The good news is that THE SILVERS are getting some traction!

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