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Right now Janis and I are in Paris seeing the sights, looking at art from Picasso, Monet, Manet and Rodin among others. What will I remember most about the City of Love? Stairs… lots of stairs! We climbed the steps to the top of Notre-Dame, and I needed “Sanctuary” when we were done. According to travel expert Rick Steves there are 400 stairs. Then add another 284 for the Arc de Triomphe and Janis was finally worn out. She was so red by the time we got to the top we decided to take the elevator down… just in case…

Going back to Liverpool for a moment, I wanted to share the photos Rod Davis’s dad had taken of The Quarrymen back the day John met Paul who was not in the band yet. Here are four of them that were on the wall in St. Peter’s Church during Beatles Week. That’s a very young John sitting next to the drummer in the first picture. He’s pretty obvious in the rest of them. Several of the pictures were behind plastic so the quality isn’t very good. However, if you would like your own copies, and want to read a little about the Quarrymen, go to




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