Schedule for Silver Laughter – 1977

1977 Booking Schedule 04-08

1977 Booking Schedule 04-08

This is a sample of the schedule Art would sent out to the band telling us what had been confirmed and what dates were open. If you notice at the bottom of the page there is a typewritten note that we would be in Canada on June13 for 10 days which was scratched out and amended to go through the beginning of August. That means we were there for almost 3 months. There is no date on this document, so it probably was sent to us in early April.

Jon and I were talking the other day, and neither of us could remember the last place we played on our Canadian trip, but according to this, it would have been The Paddock Theatre in Regina, Saskatchewan. As I recall, this was one of the few places in Canada that we were received with a lukewarm response. Not the way to end a successful 8 week trip! And surely it was a letdown after the rave reviews we got in Calgary the two weeks before!

It’s kind of sad when we have to piece together our history from bits of memorabilia! However, according to the back of the brochure that Art did for us right after we had released our second album, it shows we played 5 venues in those 8 weeks. Since Regina was only 1 week then it meant we must have played in 3 of the other 4 clubs for 2 weeks.

Jon and I agree that the Assiniboia Inn in Medicine Hat, Alberta with Dolly and all the other crazy British soldiers was the first place we played. We can only guess that the next club was The Place in Lethbridge, Alberta, then Steakhouse Lodge in Swift Current, Saskatchewan, next The Tradewinds in Calgary, Alberta (our recordings were made there in July of 1977) before wrapping it all up in Regina.

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