NEW MUSIC! Lyrics to “Nothing Really Matters” by The Silvers

Nothing Really Matters

Nothing Really Matters

Here are the lyrics to the second song on The Silvers first single.

Nothing Really Matters
(Orton – Zero)

I haven’t known you very long,
But I’m writing you this song.
And I don’t know what to say, ‘cause the words won’t come.
It didn’t start to be this way,
You were just a pretty face,
But now I’m in above my head, and I know it’s dumb.

Oh I know I’m in too deep,
Cause now I’m losing sleep.
And nothing really matters anymore.

You know I tried to walk away,
There was nothing left to say,
But then I touched you and held you and kissed you and wanted you.
But someone else was there,
With something you could share,


Instrumental solo

Well there’s nothing more to say,
Should you go or should you stay?
It’s a choice you have to make; the decision is yours.
There are two ways you can go,
But I thought that you should know,
I’m the one who wants you most, because I need you more.

Nothing really matters anymore (repeat)

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