Special Message to Blogger AB – From Silver Laughter and The Silvers

AB likes The Silvers

AB likes The Silvers

I would like to reach out to one of our regular readers whose initials are AB and comes to our site from either WordPress or through GarageHangover. He doesn’t seem to have his own website, but he likes almost every post I do on the Silver Laughter/The Silvers site. I know because I get an e-mail every time he presses “like”.

So what I am doing is reaching out to him and giving him this message: Thank you for coming to our site regularly and liking it. To reward that I would be pleased to offer you a special gift (your choice of one of several items). But first we need to connect by e-mail. Send me a note to mick at sfresidence dot com, and I will make those arrangements for you!

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