Another Club Flyer For Silver Laughter Venue, Scotty’s Place

Scotty's Place

Scotty’s Place

Before I joined Silver Laughter, Jon and I were on the phone; he in Davenport and I in Pinewood Springs, CO. One of the clubs he told me about was Scotty’s Place in Wayne, NE. I was told what a great time the band had there and what a great reception they got from their music.

So one of the first places I played early on (maybe second or third) was this club which was in Wayne, a college town. I am guessing that this was a 1975 promo piece since April 2-5 would have been Wednesday through Saturday. And I am pretty sure this was printed by John Ludtke, Sr. since it was before Art became our manager.

The lineup at that job would have been Jon Ludtke on guitar, Kim Ludtke on drums, Mark Zaputil on guitar and Mick Orton on bass.

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