After Silver Laughter There Was Double Shot

Double Shot outtake

Double Shot outtake

A couple of things came to mind yesterday as I thought back on the Double Shot days. Ken and I expected to make a lot of money as a duo like our friends, Dodi and Jack from Two of Us. I may have related some of this before, but it bears repeating.

We chose songs that we liked and thought would go over well. What we didn’t expect to encounter was the totally different crowd to which we would be exposed and their taste in music. It was much different than the rowdy crowds we’d become used to with Silver Laughter.

Some of the songs we chose for our early repertoire were:

  • Only The Good Die Young – Billy Joel
  • We Just Disagree – Dave Mason
  • On and on – Stephen Bishop
  • I’ve Just Seen a Face – Beatles
  • Blow Away – George Harrison
  • Don’t You Write Her Off – Roger McGuinn
  • Don’t Say Goodnight – Paul McCartney and Wings
  • Mandocello – Cheap Trick

I wish I had the whole list. Unfortunately, our manager didn’t seem to know where to put us. We had been recommended by Dodi to her management company, but our list of songs didn’t really make the club owners happy. We started with songs we liked and eventually over the several months added some songs we didn’t care for.

In Thunder Bay they wanted country so we learned a few songs that crossed over by Elvis and the Everly Brothers. I think the low point was the party where we were asked to play “Feelings”. Of course, Ken and I could never do that with straight faces, so I changed the words to “feelings, my teeth are full of feelings…” in an accent which sent us both into a fit of laughter. We could only continue with instruments while the people danced on oblivious to the fact we couldn’t sing anymore.

Finally, when another place wanted disco, we talked to the club owner and left the job. It was then that we decided to hang it up and move west to California. The Double Shot outtake above may have been taken by Glenn Stone who left Silver Laughter and went with us on the road for a brief time.

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