Interesting Club Flyer of Silver Laughter Venue



This little piece of memorabilia amuses me. Someone connected with the Sportspage Nightclub saw themselves as some sort of artist. It looks like someone did a mock up of a printed brochure. And rather than spend the money setting up a print job, it could be they just decided to go with it.

Looking back at the 1978 Booking Calendar, it shows that this engagement took place on September 17 of 1978 which was a Sunday night. Since the previous two weeks we were in Brooklyn Park, MN, just north of Minneapolis/St. Paul, and night after shows us starting a week at the Yellow Submarine, I think the Sportspage was also near the Twin Cities.

Just to confirm my memory, I looked at one of the 1978 newsletters with our itinerary on it, and the Sportspage was located in Bloomington, MN which is a few miles south of Minneapolis, and Yellow Submarine was in Hopkins, MN, southwest of the Twin Cities.

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