The Music Vault – Silver Laughter’s “Any Words You Can Say”

Silver Laughter 1976

Silver Laughter 1976 – Ken, Paul, Mick and Jon

“Any Words You Can Say”

The last music that was posted on this site was in September just after the IRRMA Hall of Fame Induction concert. And since there are new visitors almost every day who have never heard our stuff or taken the time to go through the archives to listen to Silver Laughter songs, I wanted to go back in time and re-post some of those songs from our two albums.

Not long from now, I hope to share some new music from our offshoot, The Silvers. But for now we have to go back and have a listen to one of the first original songs Jon and I had written together for “Handle With Care”. Though Paul was shown on the back album cover as well as this photo taken from that same session, Kim Ludtke played drums for this song.

Click on the link at the top to hear the selection. Click on the picture to enlarge it.

Mick Orton


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