Great Photo of EARLY Silver Laughter

Five Piece Silver Laughter

Five Piece Silver Laughter

I have yet to get confirmation that this was, indeed, in the Ludtke upstairs “rehearsal” room/attic. But it is a wonderful picture of the whole band taken at an interesting angle.

From the left are: John Carstensen (guitar), Jon Ludtke (guitar), Kim Ludtke (drums), Steve Elliott (bass) and Denny Walton (guitar/harmonica). I know Jon, Kim and Steve all sang, but I’m not sure if any of the other guys did as well.

I take that back, I do remember John Carstensen singing “Razor Blades and Cottage Cheese”…

From this five piece band, John Carstensen was replaced by Mark Zaputil. Then when Denny and Steve decided to leave, I replaced Steve on bass and we went to four piece.

Mick Orton

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