Silver Laughter Performance – 1976 (?) and The Silvers

Mick, Paul and Ken during a piano song

Mick, Paul and Ken during a piano song

It’s early here in California, and the sky is still dark. We are expecting more rain (which we need), but the short days as winter approaches makes it hard for me to get on a schedule that makes sense. By six o’clock it feels like it should be bedtime.

Although I feel like working on The Silvers music this morning, I can’t disturb our household. So instead I am quietly finishing some lyrics for the demos I have submitted to the rest of the band.

Performing was one of the highlights of being on the road for Silver Laughter. That immediate crowd response was… well, there is nothing really like it.

Here are two photos from our performing days, courtesy of Carl Frisch. The first shows three of us during our piano segment.

Jon on guitar

Jon on guitar

As stated elsewhere on this site, when I switched from bass to piano, Ken would switch from guitar to bass. In addition The Beatles songs we did on piano for the tribute, we also covered a few from bands like Electric Light Orchestra, Wings and others during our regular sets.

Paul is back there steady on the drums. This is the period where all of us had mustaches. And it also looks like I had followed Jon’s lead and gotten a permanent for my straight hair. The second picture shows Jon on guitar in the same venue.

Mick Orton

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  1. Mick, I actually do not have a mustachio here!

  2. Oops! You’re right. I overlooked it. Mine looks better than it really was, and you almost always had one, I thought! Good catch!

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