Thank You for Two Years of the Silver Laughter Website

Kim singing

Kim singing

This is exactly 2 years since the first post on this website. Tonight I am putting up 5 photos from the Carl Collection of the band in various stages of our career.

The first two are early ones of Jon and Kim at (I think) the Zebra Club in Aberdeen, SD, but I could be mistaken. However, I can’t think of another place we played that might have had wallpaper of naked dancing girls!

Jon singing

Jon singing

The next one is of Ken playing a lead with Paul looking on from his drums. This photo was from a later performance since Kim had left the band sometime in 1976 to go back to school. Paul was drafted from my old band, The Contents Are: (later known as Tabernash) to take his place.

Ken on lead

Ken on lead

Notice all the different styles and types of t-shirts we had hanging on the wall at the back of the stage. Paul was the one who took care of all the sales for us. Somewhere on this site I have a clip posted of him doing his sales pitch!

Mick on bass

Mick on bass

Photograph number four is of me on my Hofner bass. It looks like I had just started growing my short-lived mustache. My guess is it was during the performing of “Help” by The Beatles. I am aping Paul McCartney who makes that move in the walk down during the refrain of the song in the movie.


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