Early Silver Laughter Photo

Silver Laughter rehearsal?

Silver Laughter rehearsal?

Here is a an early photo of Silver Laughter which Carl sent. It looks like it is a rehearsal. From the left is Jon, then behind the speaker is John Carstensen and Denny Walton. On the right is Steve Elliott. I believe this was in the Ludtke barn, but I can’t be sure.

Mick Orton

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  1. Kim was after the post, before Steve in this picture. It was our barn studio/ rehearsal/recording room.

  2. Oh, yeah. Now I see him on the drums! Sorry for the oversight!

  3. Yeah, and a sign that says “Do Not Hump!” Hmmmm.

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    Carl corrected both Jon and me on this post. Here is what he said:

    “Your post from November 28th showing the old SL 5 piece band was incorrectly venued. It’s not rehearsal at the Ludtke pony farm. It was taken at a Halloween party at the Fell residence. The Fells were good friends and fans of SL. The party is in John Fell’s “man cave” garage. The attached photos were taken on the same night as the posted photo, confirming it was the party. Pictured are John Fell’s sister Mary standing in front of Steve Elliott, and Denny Walton sitting in front of Ann, John and Mary’s sister. Mary was Steve’s girlfriend at the time and was instrumental in getting SL to play pro bono at the party, well, for food and drink at least.”

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