Silver Laughter in the Studio for “Handle With Care”

Four Part Harmonies

Four Part Harmonies – Mick, Ken, Jon and Kim

Well, it’s finally raining here in Northern California. Believe me, we need it. Thanksgiving has just passed, and yesterday we got our Christmas tree before the wet stuff started coming down. This weekend we will be decorating the house. Fun, fun, fun.

So far eleven songs have been laid down as demos for a new album by The Silvers with several more demos to come. Final tracks for “Running Away” and “Nothing Really Matters” are being assembled, and the cover art is nearly done for the single’s release in December (we hope).

Mick on bass

Mick on bass

Today I am posting another two photos from the recording session for Silver Laughter’s first album. I only have a few left from that group. Carl sent this to me so I thought I would share it with you on this cold, wet day!

The first one is similar to others I have posted and shows the four of us lined up to do vocals. As I said before, it is quite possible this was during the recording of “Angela”.

The second one shows me in the little studio on my Hofner bass which I named “Hugh”. It is plugged in so I can only surmise that we were getting ready to lay down a track.

Mick Orton

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