Revisit of Silver Laughter’s Booking Calendar for September 1978

1978-September calendar

1978-September calendar

It must have been a long layoff for the band that worked so hard that summer. We started with the last 5 days in August off which trickled over to September 1978 with 4 more days off before beginning a two week stay at the Village North Bowl in Brooklyn Park, MN with only Monday the 11th off.

After completing that job, we did one night at The Sportspage (whereabouts unknown, but probably in the Twin Cities area) then a week at the Yellow Submarine. This one does not appear on any of my other lists of places we played, so I am not sure where it was… but if memory serves (sometimes), I believe it was also in the Twin Cities area.

With one day off we traveled to Hastings, MN to play a week at the Ivanhoe.

Mick Orton

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