Sequence of Events – Silver Laughter’s 2014 IRRMA Induction

Mark Zaputil at rehearsal - That's Jon's Rickenbacker on the left

Mark Zaputil at rehearsal – That’s Jon’s Rickenbacker on the left

I have a bunch of extra pictures that needed a home, so I thought I would run the story of getting into the Hall of Fame by you. Forgive me if you’ve heard bits and pieces of this on the website, but… The whole process took place beginning with the IRRMA announcement in January 2014. Kim called me a few days before it was official to let me know. However, he made me promise not to post anything about it until the association put out the press release. From there we began planning what we would do for the concert which would evolve over the months to come.

IRRMA Meet and Greet

IRRMA Meet and Greet

Originally, we had hoped everyone who was in the band from days past could make it to the ceremony and concert (which would have made us guitar heavy with Jonny Silver, Steve Elliott, John Carstensen, Denny Walton, Mark Zaputil and Ken Wiles all onstage), but as the days went on it became apparent that some of the old band would not be able to make it.

There was also the issue of having two drummers available to play (Kim Slim and Paul Staack). In our early discussions, we planned to have Paul play Silver Laughter songs on those he recorded and Kim play on the ones he did. Since we were only going to do originals, the choices would have been easy.

Mick on Mic - Paul, Mark, Mick and Kim

Mick on Mic – Paul, Mark, Mick and Kim

But as we got closer to THE day, it was suggested we do some Beatles songs, since few in the audience would probably remember any of the Silver Laughter originals. After all, one of our big draws was our Beatles Tribute. Looking back, I think it was a great idea which originated with Jon and Kim. As guitarists dropped out, we were fortunate enough to have a drummer who also could play a host of other instruments; Kim Slim. He volunteered to play both the harmonica for the Beatles tunes as well as fill in on guitar riffs on Beatles and Silver Laughter songs.

IRRMA Concert Schedule 2014

IRRMA Concert Schedule 2014

Pictures I have left start with a few I took during our rehearsals in Davenport. Then almost a week later, after meeting in front of the Roof Garden and sitting through the orientation, we started the long two days involved with the induction ceremony. The next photos I have is of the meet and greet with all the bands in attendance. The first shows most of the room and a lot of the acts we were inducted with. The second is another of four of us onstage introducing ourselves. Jon had a family emergency and could not be there with us.

Sami Bedell Theater

Sami Bedell Theater

The next day started with sound checks at 10:30. So Janis took a picture of two during the 20 minutes or so we were onstage. Since we were the second to the last act for the concert, we got to be the second band for the sound check.

In the afternoon we were taken by police escort to the induction ceremony at the Sami Bedell Center. Janis took a picture of the crowd to give you an idea of how many people showed up for this event.

Mick in Autograph Session

Mick in Autograph Session

The next photo is another from the autograph session that took place after the awards ceremony where we signed everything from posters to programs to publicity pictures. The only one left from that particular event is of me signing away. I like what Ken used to say when he was signing off on reports at work, “You know, this used to be an autograph!”

Mick and Janis in the audience

Mick and Janis in the audience

The next pic is of Janis and me as I start getting nervous about the performance. I finally got so antsy that I had to get up and walk around the closer and closer it came for our time to perform! This had to be taken when the house lights were up for one of the many auctions in between bands.

Silver Laughter IRRMA induction concert 2014

Silver Laughter IRRMA induction concert 2014

The last pic is of Silver Laughter during the 25 minute concert. After the performance, we all said our goodbyes and left for home the following morning. It was a great time!

Mick Orton

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