Back to the … Past with Silver Laughter

Jon Mick and Ken

Jon Mick and Ken

This photo is one of three that Carl sent this morning. It shows Jon, Ken and me onstage. As I am singing with my eyes closed, they are clowning around behind me for the camera.

Please notice in this photo my Hofner pick guard is gone. I was constantly taking it off and putting it back on because it was so flimsy. But I can’t tell which Hofner it was. If it’s raised lettering, then it’s the one I still have which I bought second hand in Willmar, MN which was the  older of the two. If it’s embossed lettering on the head, then it is the original ’69 Hofner I bought new when I was in The Contents Are:.

Also of note is that it was before I started using a pick so I am thumbing it! Carl wasn’t sure what the venue was, and neither am I.

Mick Orton

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