Silver Laughter Buttons

Silver Laughter mirror buttons

Silver Laughter mirror buttons

Until Carl sent me these two photos, I did not remember that Silver Laughter had so many different buttons! The one I remember is the silver one (of which I have several) with the dark blue lettering reading “Silver Laughter”.

It doesn’t surprise me, however, that Carl would have saved them after all these years! He was the guy who liked the Chevy Sprint so much he bought two so he would have one as a spare!

Carl said: “I’m not sure whose idea the buttons were, but they were a huge success.  We must have handed out hundreds of the coveted souvenirs at our gigs.  The photo of three aren’t the kind of button one wears.  They actually have a compact mirror on the flip side–very popular with the ladies.  There may have been other designs, but these are the ones I happen to have.”

Mick Orton

Silver Laughter buttons

Silver Laughter buttons

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  1. John (senior) designed and made all the buttons, starting in 1969. Jon

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