Art Stenstrom Finds the Silver Laughter IRRMA Performance Online

Silver Laughter induction concert 2014

Silver Laughter induction concert 2014

Our old manager, Art Stenstrom, sent this today:

“I found your whole performance on YouTube last evening. Nice collection of tunes and smooth transitions.”

As for me, I want to hear what the IRRMA production sounds like coming through the sound board. With my critical eye, I see how hard it was to get a good performance after 35 years off and only 5 days to prepare!

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  1. Mick, I am certain that IRRMA was shooting from stage right, so this must be an individual taping. I would hope that the IRRMA video would have better sound quality, right? Jon

  2. Jon, Yes, I am positive you are right about their video tape. The woman was standing by the restrooms. I was worried that people kept walking by and getting in her way since she really wasn’t elevated that much. As for taping, I sure hope they recorded through the sound board since everything was mic’d. I would expect the sound on the IRRMA recording would be a lot better since they will be selling the performances on DVD. – Mick

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