Revisit of Silver Laughter’s Booking Calendar for July 1978

July 1978 Silver Laughter calendar

July 1978 Silver Laughter calendar

Here is another solid month with only ONE day off! Whew, makes me tired just looking at it knowing all the work we did to play these places along with the rehearsals we probably did during the daytime.

The month of July starts off with our last day at the Kongo Club in Mitchell, SD then a one night stop at the Valhalla Ballroom in Slayton, MN. It says the next night was a Worthington Reunion, but I do not remember doing any one night jobs in one of our favorite towns, so perhaps it was a high school reunion?

On the 4th of July we started a 5 night stay at a place called Mr. Nibbs which was in Minneapolis, MN, then a one night job at the Iron Horse, also in Minneapolis. Monday evening found us starting a 7 night stay at the Chateau Paulette in Park Rapids, MN. Quick note about our accommodations there. My room was next to Ken’s and there was an open transom very high up on the wall between us. So there was essentially no privacy. We could talk back and forth… and often did! Here’s an inside joke, “click… click…”

Right away the next evening found us at Jack’s in Wilton, MN for 6 nights, then back up to Minneapolis for another one night stand at the Iron Horse on Sunday. Monday we did another one night stand at The Mermaid (location unknown, but probably in the Minneapolis area), Tuesday another one night at Doc Holliday’s in Shakopee just outside Minneapolis, then played Wednesday and Thursday at Hooligan’s in Fairbault, MN.

Friday night we performed at the Valhalla Ballroom again. Saturday we did another one night job at the Two Brother’s Club in Rock Rapids, IA. Sunday was a well deserved night off before starting the first night of a 6 night run at the Crown Colony in Grand Forks, ND. By this time we must have had help with the equipment from our new buddy, Glenn (the punk) Stone.

Mick Orton



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