Carl Frisch Sends Silver Laughter Memorabilia from 1977 and Earlier

Newsletter May 1977

Newsletter May 1977

I got another note from our old sound and light man, Carl Frisch, with several attachments. He said:

“Once again congratulations on the Induction.  From the postings it looked like all went well,  Wish I could have been there.  Good choices for the set.  I dug up an old S-L newsletter that answers the CB handle question.  You were close.  Did anyone remember?  I believe the date at St. Ambrose Feb 10 ’78 was cancelled although it was published in the newsletter.  I can’t remember Carroll Kuemper, although it is also published in the newsletter as a private function.  Kuemper is a private school in Carroll, Iowa.  I vaguely remember playing at the Briarwood even though our newsletter calendar shows it as open.  Probably a last minute booking. I thought you might get a chuckle from this ad the Zebra ran on us.”

One of them was a page from our May 1977 Newsletter where each of us in the band submitted something to be shared with our fan club.

Zebra Lounge ad

Zebra Lounge ad

The second was a clipping Carl had saved from a newspaper ad when we played at the Zebra Lounge in Aberdeen, SD. It had to be one of my first several places I played with Silver Laughter. Jon had a story about that place he related to me during our time together in Davenport last month.

As I recall, he told he we had gotten slowed down because of a snow storm and arrived too late to play the first night we were supposed to start, so the owner fired us. The story was that he had no knowledge of any bad weather and thought we were lying to him.

I have  no doubt our “silver” tongued leader, Jon, sweet talked the guy into keeping us on, probably at a reduced salary to appease him. But from the look of the ad, he was eagerly anticipating our “First Time In Midwest” before that mishap.

Mick Orton

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