Talent Spectacular ’75 Brochure Features Silver Laughter

Talent Spectacular '75

Talent Spectacular ’75

Yesterday a flat showed up from Art Stenstrom. It was a surprise to open it and find several pages he had put through the copier to send to me.

They were of the 1975 brochure for the Talent Spectacular ’75 put on by Rick Geisler and then general manager, Art Stenstrom, which took place in Des Moines. It was early in my career with Silver Laughter.

Page 1 shows the schedule of all the groups participating in the Showcase and in which ballroom they would be appearing. Page 2 shows Silver Laughter as one of the bands being featured.

Talent Spectacular ’75

Talent Spectacular ’75

The photo they used was one of the ones that John Ludtke took in the living room of their farm house in Davenport. The band at that time featured Kim and Jon Ludtke along with Mark Zaputil and Mick Orton. The picture is another one I do not remember which has us in our matching white suits and Jon holding an acoustic guitar.

According to Art, he believes this is where he originally met the man who eventually got us a tour through Canada some years later in the summer of 1977.

The note Art included inside the envelope said he would try and scan a color copy of the brochure to send to me electronically. Since he only has one copy left, I am sure he didn’t want to part with it.

Mick Orton

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