One Last Silver Laughter Photo from the Hullabaloo

Silver Laughter at Hullabaloo 12-69 - Jon, Steve and John Carstensen

Silver Laughter at Hullabaloo Dec. of ’69 – Jon, Steve and John Carstensen

This is the third and final photo sent to me by Steve Elliott. It shows Silver Laughter onstage at the Hullabaloo dance club in December of 1969. On the left is a long haired Jon Ludtke with Steve Elliott next to him on bass and John Carstensen on the right. You can just see Kim Ludtke’s drums on the riser in the back.

The amplifier in the middle looks suspiciously like a Sears (after all, “Sears has everything!” was their slogan) Silvertone, similar to the amp I started with. The head was a separate unit from the speaker cabinet, but the two were “permanently” wired together with an electrical cable. The speaker had a space in the back at the bottom where the head fit neatly inside for transport.

Ah, the “good” old days!

Mick Orton

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