One More Beatles Song Performed by Silver Laughter in 1978


Silver Laughter 1978 - Jon, Ken, Paul and Mick

Silver Laughter 1978 – Jon, Ken, Paul and Mick

“One After 909”

This was one of the early Beatles songs that Lennon and McCartney wrote together. Some books say it was a part of their stage shows during those formative years. I guess they didn’t think it was significant enough to record until they needed a song for the “Let It Be” album which was the last one released by the group though “Abbey Road” was actually the last one that they recorded.

Here are Jon and I singing together on the verses with Jon doing the middle 8 and me in the background. The talking lead in is that segment from the Christmas record the Beatles did for their fan club. Ringo ends with a plug for his movie, “Magic Christian”, that he did with Peter Sellers. The cut abruptly ends before we segued into “Mean Mr. Mustard”.

The clip was from the Port Byron tapes we recorded live in June of 1978. The photo of the band is from October of that same year. In the old days we may have had a joke about being next to the “loading dock”.

Mick Orton

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