A 1970 Silver Laughter Song List Emerges!



Wow! This was in the stuff Steve Elliott sent me late last week. It is a song list from 1970 when Silver Laughter featured Jon and Kim Ludtke, John Carstensen and Steve Elliott.

I should note that, over time, many of the Davenport bands stopped doing the songs that were made so popular by the local heroes, The Night People, and started doing different stuff. This song list shows the diversity Silver Laughter had in its repertoire, particularly with the great voices Steve and Jon brought to the band.

Steve’s impersonations of Led Zeppelin and Burton Cummings from The Guess Who were superb. He also did some of the great McCartney screamers (featuring the middle 8 of “I’ve Got A Feeling”) which most bands dared not try to do!

– Mick Orton

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