Happy Mother’s Day 2014 from Silver Laughter!

Lois Ludtke, Jon and Kim's mother

Lois Ludtke, Jon and Kim’s mother

Happy Mother’s Day, Everyone!

All of our families were so supportive of our musical careers. In my case, even though Mom wanted me to go to college and become an engineer, she and Dad finally gave in when I met Jon and we put together our first band.

Marjorie Wiles, Ken's mother

Marjorie Wiles, Ken’s mother

In going through the archives, I clipped these photos of the Silver Laughter moms and wanted to post them for Mother’s day. They were the only ones I could find so far. So if anyone has any others, please send them along!

Featured first is Jon and Kim’s mom, Lois Ludtke.

Next, Ken’s mom, Marjorie Wiles.

Mary Jane Orton, Mick's mother

Mary Jane Orton, Mick’s mother

Finally, Mick’s mom, Mary Jane Orton.

Note: Sadly, Ken’s mom and mine both passed away years ago. But we still love you and wish all the mothers out there a Happy Mother’s day!!

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