Shapes of Things To Come? Silver Laughter and The Contents Are: Share a Stage!

Silver Laughter and The Contents Are: at Danceland

Silver Laughter and The Contents Are: at Danceland

I thought I would do another quick post this morning before I head off to take care of business. Talk about a blast from the past!

As I have stated elsewhere, our two bands, The Contents Are: and Silver Laughter were friends for a long time before the two groups did a merge of sorts.

This little ad, which I got from Steve Elliott, shows we shared a stage at Danceland (Ballroom?) in the Quad Cities. Even though I do not remember the job or the venue, it does not surprise me that we were booked together. My guess is Jon set it up as the S and L Productions would indicate.

At the time Silver Laughter consisted of Jon and Kim Ludtke, Steve Elliott and maybe John Carstensen or Denny Walton, or both. I can’t tell from the photo which is on the small newspaper ad.

The Contents Are: consisted of Craig Hute, Dave Neumann and future Silver Laughter members, Paul Staack and Mick Orton. Apparently we had just done our demo at Columbia Records in Chicago. Another guess would put this happening on June 5th of around 1970 before The Contents Are: left for Colorado.

Mick Orton

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