Silver Laughter and The Beatles

Silver Laughter - 1975 - Jon, Ken, Carl, Paul and Mick

Silver Laughter – 1975 – Jon, Ken, Carl, Paul and Mick

Even the Beatles recorded other people’s material! So here is a selection from our Beatles Tribute in Calgary, Alberta in July of 1977, Here There and Everywhere”.

I am singing lead with the boys doing the backup vocals! Other than my voice cracking at the very end, this was very well done. The song fading in is obviously “And Your Bird Can Sing”. At the end of the clip, Paul McCartney’s talk is taken from one of the Christmas messages the Beatles recorded for their fan club which we used as a buffer when we were switching instruments.

The photo is from the 1976 Worthington collection featuring Carl Frisch, our sound and light man (and cook) in the early days with his Silver Laughter Tribute to the Beatles T-shirt.

Mick Orton

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