Just Another Silver Laughter Photo from 1977

Silver Laughter 1977 - Ken, Mick, Paul and Jon

Silver Laughter 1977 – Ken, Mick, Paul and Jon

Once again, I am not sure where this photo set was taken though I did speculate that it was before a job in the venue we were playing. I do not recognize the place.

The only real clue I have is that the session was short; only about 40 shots. And there was very little variation which was not Art’s style. I mean, after you get four guys together while they are not screwing around in one spot for a photo shoot, you want to make the most of it! This looks like it was all business.

The photo leaves a lot to be desired with the flash messing up the contrast. But everyone is smiling, which is good. After all, it was 1977, and our second album was about to be completed. Why wouldn’t we be in a good mood?

"Sailing On Fantasies" - Jon, Mick, Paul and Ken

“Sailing On Fantasies” – Jon, Mick, Paul and Ken

As I have mentioned before, some poses from this session were used as cutouts for the cover of our second album, “Sailing on Fantasies”.  From what I can tell, Art used one selection of each of us, probably from different photos, and even flipped Ken’s picture to a mirror image so as to create the a certain feeling. Can anyone say, “Exacto Knife?”

Mick Orton


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