Silver Laughter’s “Hand In Hand”

Silver Laughter 1978 - Jon, Mick, Paul and Ken

Silver Laughter 1978 – Jon, Mick, Paul and Ken

Since I have been bringing older music posts to the front, I did not want to leave out this studio version of “Hand In Hand” from our “Sailing on Fantasies album which was written and sung by our drummer, Paul Staack, and was posted back in November of 2012. It was put up on YouTube by one of our fans who bought the album and loved it.

Everyone had a hand in developing the arrangement to this song. On this track I played the Fender bass as well as all the piano parts. The boys sing backup vocals to Paul’s ode to his daughter, Sadie.

The photo is another one from the Rock Island session where we are clowning around… again. Watch those hands, boys!

Mick Orton

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