An Ivory Coast Photo of Silver Laughter’s Ken Wiles Pops Up!

Ken Wiles and Ivory Coast

Ken Wiles and Ivory Coast

You have to love the Internet. If it weren’t for Facebook, this photo would probably have never made it to our site.

Here is a little nugget with Ken playing his red Gibson ES-335 during a live performance with his band, Ivory Coast.

That’s lead singer, Robyn Green, on the piano. The photo was unearthed by another Ivory Coast band member, bassist John Wallrapp.

Ken wrote about those early days here.

Mick Orton

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  1. I was going to post you had mentioned Kens guitar as an SG and I believed it was an ES-335. My Brother had a black one, and I had a mahogany one ( you probably don’t remember it )? I noticed on the web site you made the correction from this entry. Nice catch! Peace, Glenn.

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