Where is Silver Laughter’s Steve Elliott Now?

Steve Elliott and The Acoustic Project

Steve Elliott (left) and The Acoustic Project

Jon’s sister, Jonee posted some photos from a performance of The Acoustic Project featuring Silver Laughter graduate, Steve Elliott at the Cool Beanz Coffeehouse.

Hi-Fi 2013

Steve Elliott (center) and Hi-Fi

Steve was also instrumental (pun intended) in starting the band, Hi-Fi, with Kim  Ludtke. I know Jon sang with the band for a while, but I am not sure if he was in it from the beginning. My memory is that Jon was in the new wave band, Cold Stare, after Silver Laughter broke up.

Steve Elliott will be one of the members recognized for his contribution to Silver Laughter during those formative years. He is playing guitar for the official induction performance.

Mick Orton


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