Quad City Times Recognizes Silver Laughter’s IRRMA Induction for 2014!

Silver Laughter 1976

Silver Laughter 1976

Our friend, Lily, sent this to me today from the Quad City Times website. In case you aren’t aware, Davenport is part of the Quad Cities which includes Davenport, Rock Island, Moline and East Moline. Bettendorf should actually be in there too, but then it wouldn’t be the “Quad” Cities then, would it?

Title: Silver honors

Excerpt: The Iowa Rock ‘n’ Roll Music Association Hall of Fame, located in Spirit Lake, often leans toward acts from Des Moines and the western part of the state.

But there’s some Quad-City inclusion this year, with Davenport’s Silver Laughter among the 25 new inductees.

The band formed in 1975 and disbanded in 1978. It included members Jon Ludtke, rhythm guitar and lead guitar; Kim Ludtke, drums; Mark Zaputil, lead guitar; Steve Elliott, bass; Paul Staack, drums, percussion; Ken Wiles, lead guitar; and Mick Orton, bass, guitar and keyboards.

The induction will take place over Labor Day weekend at Arnold’s [sic] Park Amusement Park.

Not mentioned are three other members, Steve Elliott, John Carstensen and Denny Walton who will also be recognized in Arnolds Park, IA.

Read the entire article here.

Mick Orton

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5 replies

  1. Hey bro, I have a problem with disbanded in 1978! You all didn’t disband until 1979 (late). Anyway I hope to see you all in Aug. 2014! Punk.

  2. You are correct. “Dis band” didn’t disband until late 1979. Thanks for catching that!

  3. I loved the Kaiserhoff. I don’t remember the name of the bar manager but he poured one heck of a Southern Comfort on the rocks. That’s for you Ken! I’m like an elephant in more ways than one, LOL I remember too. Seems like “YESTERDAY” I tried to catch a falling Starr, and missed it by that much>(). I had a thing for agent 99. Glenn (the punk) Stone.

    • Punk,
      There was a guy named Vern (according to Denise) who was manager and Don Veigel was the owner. Not sure which one you met. As for Glenn’s reference to Southern Comfort, it was Ken’s drink of choice for many years. And “Missed it by that much” was from the “Get Smart” TV Show. Barbara Feldon was Agent 99.

  4. I can’t remember for sure, but I think it was Vern! He managed the bar and let those of us that wanted to crash at his place. He was a really nice guy and went out of his way to make us feel welcome and took good care of us. Thinking back I don’t think he had to go out of his way, it was just his nature to be kind and helpful. I do remember the small stage being a special problem after Kim bought the 12 piece set of Tama’s. I think he only used a 5 piece when we played there. That will always be a special place for me, as it was where I started with the Band. “Thanks for the memories”!!

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