Acid Archives Review of Silver Laughter’s “Sailing On Fantasies” From 2006

Acid Archives SOF Review

Acid Archives SOF Review

Also on page 225 right after the “Handle With Care” review, is the one for “Sailing On Fantasies”. As you can see by the article, the writer (in this case, Aaron Milenski who I found on Facebook and have had a brief exchange) likes the second album better than the first.

What surprises me is, in looking back, the first album sold much better than the second. “Handle With Care” was sold in several retail chains (on consignment) as well as off the stage during our performances and did pretty well. Although we all thought the second album was far above the first, it didn’t sell very well back in 1978-79. However, it has done very well with collectors in the past couple of years in both vinyl as well as CD. The same is true of the left over singles in our inventory.

"Sailing On Fantasies" Font Cover

“Sailing On Fantasies” Font Cover

Mr. Milenski seems to gush over the craft in the album, but ends with the puzzling comment, “…My only complaint is that as with most band in the genre, the lyrics are inconsequential.” I can almost picture Dr. Evil with his little finger to the corner of his mouth saying that last word!

In my opinion, nothing could be further from the truth. “Sing Me Your Love Songs” was written as a tribute  to the Beatles and their influence on our music. “Turn It Down” had the well crafted lyrics that caught the attention of an Atlantic A&R man. Without going on and on, what about Paul’s “Hand In Hand” which was written as a tribute to his first daughter, Sadie?

All in all the review is very good, but I guess it hurt my feelings a little to trivialize our lyrics when we worked so hard to craft them.

Mick Orton

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