Silver Laughter – “Sailing On Fantasies” – Lyrics to “Hand In Hand”

Lyrics for "Hand In Hand"

Lyrics for “Hand In Hand”

“Hand In Hand” was Paul’s only contribution to the Silver Laughter “Sailing On Fantasies” album. We had a great time arranging it. The piano parts just seemed to come to me. It was such an inspired tune that Paul wrote for his daughter, Sadie.

Paul with maracas on one of the cuts for "Sailing on Fantasies".

Paul with maracas on one of the cuts for “Sailing on Fantasies”.

Our manager, Art “Smart” Stenstrom, always the clown, used to do his imitations of everyone (including my dad’s laugh). So Paul was also part of his repertoire. Art would walk into a room, lower his voice and sing, “Oh, Sadie, oh, Sadie…” whenever he was on the “Paul” roll. Of course, he had his little jabs at everyone of us, but this one still cracks me up to this day.

Mick Orton

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