Another Blogger Contacts Me About Silver Laughter and The Contents Are:

Hey, Mick,

I ran into your contact info listed on a blog while looking for more information on Silver Laughter. My name is Jeremy Cargill and I’m an Assistant Editor/Contributor for a magazine called Ugly Things that’s been in print since 1983 (with a focus on “wild sounds from past dimensions”–which lends itself to primarily ’60s-’70s material), and lend my pen to outlets such as Shindig!, Flashback, Galactic Zoo Dossier, and others–roughly in the same stylistic territory, with some detours through modern material with the same spirit.

…I’d like to talk to you about the band in the near future. Perhaps we can collaborate on something in print, do something expansive on my blog ( — gradually adding items there to get past my print purism), or a bit of both.

…There was mention of a earlier combo you were in, do any recordings exist from that era?

Thank you for your time, and I look forward to hearing back from you soon.”


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