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Paul and his Hofner

Paul and his Hofner

“Penny Lane”

Paul McCartney (pictured with the vintage Hofner which became his trademark… I have a right handed version of this bass, probably about the same year) is about to release a new album with a song on it called “New” which (I think) sounds much like “Penny Lane” which prompted me to post this cover version by Silver Laughter. This is a selection from our Calgary Beatles Tribute. In my head it sounded more like McCartney than I think it does here in digital format. Regardless, it is a nice version with me on piano, Ken on bass and the boys all singing harmonies.

"Penny Lane"/"Strawberry Fields" Single

“Penny Lane”/”Strawberry Fields” Single

The first notes are from “Good Day Sunshine” which was the lead in song and fades out on “When I’m Sixty-four”…. which I will be in December! The photo here is the picture cover for the “Strawberry Fields”/”Penny Lane” single (which I owned at one time).

Mick Orton

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