REWARD! Silver Laughter Stories Sought!

Mick in 2012

Mick in 2012

I have been posting on this site for about 9 months, sometimes posting several times a day, and I am running out of memories. What I would like to propose is this. I want to reward anyone who:

  • Asks questions about the band that may not have been addressed so far from people who may or may not have had the pleasure of seeing us live
  • Suggestions for articles from Silver Laughter’s past from people who knew us – either you or I can write them
  • Photos that turn up from the band days

However you see it, I need your help. In the meantime, hopefully I can come up with some more stories from our adventures on the road. The reward? Oh, yeah. How about either a monetary reward or you can choose from one of the last few Silver Laughter 7″ vinyl 45’s that I have left.

Mick Orton

e-mail mick at

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  1. came across your name and what a blast from the past! Remember the Kaiserhoff days in New Ulm, MN.? Also, Sioux Falls and Thunderbay ! Glad to see you alive and happy! Belated Happy Birthday!

  2. Of course I remember you. And I remember the Kaiserhoff which was in New Ulm, MN! I also recall you came to see me (and the band) in Sioux Falls as well as later in Thunder Bay when Ken and I were the duo, Double Shot. I have a couple of slides from the duo period we were considering using for our promo pics. I am having converted of those times. Should be up on the site in a few days!

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