The Boys Can Still Play – Island Fever Sample

She's Looking To The Future

She’s Looking To The Future

“She’s Looking To The Future Clip”

Several years ago, Ken and I jammed with my sister, Marjie, in her converted garage in Fairfax, CA. She has a nice little studio set up, and we used to go over regularly (until Ken moved out of the Bay Area) and play music.

This selection is from a 6 minute jam called “She’s Looking To The Future”. It’s all ad lib. Ken is on lead, I am on my Fender bass and Marjie is on her keyboard and singing. The drum track provided by a programmed drum machine we called Ringo.

It’s a little outside what Silver Laughter did, but it has a nice groove. As for me, I am still working on putting together the Wiles-Orton selections I have been talking about.

Mick Orton

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  1. Are you going to do any of the others? Did you get Marjie’s permission to do them? I haven’t heard from her.


  2. Beaky, buddy! Yes, she gave me her verbal approval to post the jams (or portions of them). Thanks for checking. Don’t want to break any copyright laws!

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