One Half Of Silver Laughter Is Now HiFi

Class of 99, a compilation of Quad Cities bands.

Class of 99, a compilation of Quad Cities bands.

“Any Day”

Back in March I posted an article about an album I have in my possession called “The Class of ’99”. I think the 99 stands for the number of the FM radio station on the dial, not the year it was recorded. What I can gather from the copyright notes on the songs, it looks like the album was cut in 1984. Recently I had it transferred from vinyl to CD since I no longer own a turntable.

Cut #11 is the best song on the album and features an appearance by two of Silver Laughter’s original founders, guitarist Jon Ludtke and bassist (now on lead guitar) Steve Elliott in their group HiFi. Other members of the band are Rex Schluenz on bass and vocals along with drummer Steve Schwienberger. The cut from the band, an original Jon Ludtke – Steve Elliott composition called “Any Day”.

It sounds to me like Jon and Steve trade off vocals, but I can’t be sure. I believe Jon sings the verses and Steve sings the refrain/chorus and then they switch back and forth for the ending. Regardless, the lead vocals are excellent with good range and strong harmonies. I believe the band is still playing around the Quad Cities, this from Jon’s sister, Jonee who left a comment on the “Where Are They Now?” post.

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