How Could We Have Forgotten Glenn Stone?

Tonight I spent some time on the phone with a fellow whom I have yet to mention on this website. Near the end of our time together as Silver Laughter, we were going to replace sound and light man, Carl Frisch, with a young fellow named Glenn Stone.

Today he checked in on the website with a few comments on several of the posts. When the band broke up, he joined Ken and me after we became Double Shot but left shortly after we went on the road realizing that there was not much to do unless we started looking for another drummer and guitarist.

Since we were not moving that direction, Glenn decided to go back to Wisconsin where he tells me he was quite successful doing sound and lights for some really good bands using the tricks he learned from his time with Silver Laughter.

Glenn reminded me that he was there for the drummer change where Paul Staack was leaving the band and Jon’s brother, Kim Ludtke, was coming back. This was near the end of Silver Laughter. He told me a story of Kim buying a set of drums using traveler checks in Minneapolis getting ready to come back. We were playing there still with Paul. I have absolutely no memory of that.

Anyway, I wanted to add this post since Glenn was a good friend during his short tenure with us. He was an excellent sound man and a staunch supporter of Silver Laughter.

Mick Orton

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