Kim Ludtke Clears Up Some Things About Silver Laughter

Kim Ludtke after coming back to Silver Laughter in 1979.

Kim Ludtke after coming back to Silver Laughter in 1979.

Kim says:

A few suggested corrections for your site:

  • Please check the spelling on Mark Zaputil – his website by the way is
  • The Rick Geisler Showcase of Talent was mid Feb 1975 – you and Mark had just joined shortly before that when Steve Elliott and Denny Walton left the band
  • Silver Laughter was together for 10 years, 1969 to 1979

We went on the “road” with Steve and Denny in August of 1974, just after the [Iowa] state fair.  The band had been together for 5 years at that point.  I believe you joined in Dec ’74 or Jan ’75, same time that Mark did.  Mark only stayed for 2-3 months (by my recollection, I’d have to ask Jon to confirm). Of course, Ken joined then.

I was excited about you and Ken joining, it meant a different direction musically, and being able to continue to play with good musicians.  My life turned in Aug of 1976 when I chose to go back to school.  I re-joined in Jan 1979 until May when I was stunned with you and Ken leaving… don’t even think you said goodbye, but I guess there were issues.  Too bad it had to end that way, but the ride was good!

[Regarding Aberdeen, SD] The Zebra Club. There was a cement parking lot above the building that eventually crushed it, and the club was closed.  That was the place where we had negotiated “ROOMS and MEALS” – the rooms turned out to be the unfurnished apartment (except for 1 bed and a 3-legged couch) above a downtown store, and the meals were 2 sack lunches, including a 1/2 pint of milk. The problem was, the sack lunches all looked the same and tended to “disappear” by dinner time!

Mick says:

Note: I have regrets about the last days of the band and how we broke up to which Kim alludes. The payback was that Ken and I had a miserable time on the road as Double Shot! It was such a depressing time that we decided to move to California together. From there it went from bad to worse for the first few months until we found work at the same place and started to make some money. Looking back, I wish we had made that third album. I have no doubt we would have been signed because we were

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