Incredible Find! Original Outtakes from “Sailing on Fantasies”

Cropped from the "Handle With Care" album sleeve.

Cropped from the “Handle With Care” album sleeve.

“Sunny Day”

A very nice, clean version of the song that is on the “Sailing On Fantasies” album. However, something’s missing, and I can’t quite figure out what it is. After all, this is an outtake, so it did not get to the album.

Before posting this, I played the album version which sounded much fuller back to back with this one. Jon did a very nice job on the vocals, and he and I thought it was clever to have the songs run together from “Showdown” into “Dreams Still Live On” into “Sunny Day” and then wrap that into the riff on “Sing Me Your Live Songs” which is the first track on the album.

I absolutely love the layering of the vocals with all the different parts coming together at the end along with the flute line. It is magical to me. I am not sure we ever did this song live, but it would have been really difficult!

If you like the LIVE original songs or the outtakes, remember, there are CD’s, LP’s and some 45′s of our studio work for sale here!

Mick Orton

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