The SILVERS Newsletter November 2023

Hello all!

So sorry this is a little late, but here are some updates from the boys!

Dain playing a rhythm part to one of the songs on “Mosaic”.

Hello all! This is Dain, the fella on the guitars for The Silvers! I had quite the October. It began with attending a wedding of two excellent friends and oversaw the sound setup for the ceremony. I also filmed the ceremony and reception for them and then edited the video with some music choices that I knew would suit them.

I got to see the band ‘Wilco’ for the first time, and it also marked my first visit to the Greek Theatre in Berkeley – what an incredible venue! Seeing one of my favourite bands on top form, at a magical venue with the fog rolling in, in the company of two good friends (also the first time I’d been to a live music event with them – they are both musicians too!) was a fantastic experience.

Later in the month I also got to see ‘Film School’, a band that is a recent discovery for me. This was at the much smaller and more intimate Rickshaw Stop in San Francisco – it was an evening of psychedelic/shoegaze/indie rock and was quite the experience.

Earlier in the month, I was very proud to see a short film that I co-produced, composed and recorded the score for, and even did a little acting in, being selected and screened at two film festivals in the Bay Area.

I have also been working on my parts for the songs that we are going to get together to record in December, and I am very much looking forward to getting together with Mick and Carl for that.


Carl, smiling as always!

Hi Silvers Fans, Carl here, the man behind the beat.   I’ve had a busy October practicing, yes, I still take drum lessons every week.  You never truly master a musical instrument and taking lessons and practicing not only improves my playing, but I find it very enjoyable.

The Silvers are working on some new songs, so I’ve been working on the drum parts and getting together with Dain to go over the songs.  I am really excited by some of the material we’re working on, I hope you’ll enjoy it also.

Many of you know we released our first non-animated video for the song “Edge of the World” and we are tossing around some ideas for another video for one (or more) of our new songs.   Check back frequently at for updates.

Hope you all had a spooky fun Halloween.  Well autumn is upon here in Northern California so I’m going to put my Silvers sweatshirt on and keep warm.


Matt, Mick, Lucy and Janis

Mick here. I don’t have much to say because I took a river cruise on Viking which was supposed to be from Budapest to Bucharest. However, the river was too low to start in Budapest, so we had to bus down river to get to the docking point. Then the cruise ended at a stop short of Bucharest for the same reason. Not enough snow run off to keep the Danube high enough for the boats.

One of the highlights of our stay in Budapest, was meeting a young couple from Dain’s neck of the woods near London. Matt is a firefighter and Lucy (in the sky with diamonds) was a teacher now in property management!

On the last couple of days of our trip, I lost my voice and have yet to get it back. Laryngitis sucks! I ended up in the Emergency Room in the Bucharest public hospital, got tested for Covid, and other illnesses, but the only result was a viral infection. Bottom line? It cost us nothing since Romania has socialized medicine. Of course, the payroll taxes are 60% or more to pay for it all. Thank you, Romanians!

We started the trip on our own in Prague, Czech Republic then met up with the river cruise people for the bus ride to our ship. So, some of the places I got to visit were Prague (Czech Republic), Budapest (Hungary), Belgrade (Serbia) and Bucharest (Romania).

Now I’m home again and digging out from under the stack of mail that collected while we were gone!

Finally, I am really looking forward to my December trip back to Shabby Road Studio in Novato, CA and working with Dain and Carl (as well as David Kessner) on songs for our new album, “Paper Street”, which will be on Revlis Records and our sometime in summer of 2024.

That’s about it, kiddies. Hope you are all doing well and are looking forward to new music by THE SILVERS!


Dain, Carl and Mick

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