“You Know You Had It Coming” Video Still Going Strong

We received a message from AKADEMIA this morning.: (10-10-2023)

Dear The Silvers,

The news this month just gets better and better! We were recently informed that 360 Degree TV, a video channel targeting India, has just picked up your music video for ‘You Know You Had It Coming’ for rotation! You may click here to visit the 360 Degree TV site and watch your video: www.360-degreetv.com. To tune in and watch your video spin, you’ll want to visit the playlist and select the Rock / Pop Rock genre.

Note: If you go to “General” and select “Rock/Pop Rock” and hit GO, in the top right corner of that window you will see the playlist drop down. Along with some other really good Indie bands, our animated videos are at 78, “Out Of this World” (from the Back To Basics LP) and 82 “You Know You Had It Coming” (from the “Oceans” LP all available on RevlisRecords.com)

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