Spanish, Anyone? Mick Of The Silvers Does Radio Interview On Argentinian Radio

The Silvers on Thursday, March 16, 2023 in Novato, Calif. Photo by Frankie Frost

One of our animators, Juan Carlos Quattordio, translates Mick’s words (below) on an Argentinian radio show about how The Silvers were created, where we are now and features several of our songs starting with our very first effort and finishing up with several newer ones. All are featured on our label’s website,

Right now, Juan Carlos and Randyl Bishop are working on our Christmas animated video due out around Thanksgiving called, “Cosy As Can Be (Beside The Christmas Tree)” and was written by Mick, Dain and Tom Kelley.

“Hello, this is Mick Orton of the band, The Silvers, with best wishes from the rest of the group, Dain Bedford-Pugh, our guitarist and vocalist, and Carl Upthegrove, our drummer and percussionist.

“Our good friend and animator of our music videos, Juan Carlos, asked me to put together a short audio clip talking about our band’s history and throw in a couple of songs to show what we do.

“Back in 2014, our 1970’s band, Silver Laughter, was inducted into the Iowa R&R Hall of Fame. At that time, I had a bunch of songs that had never been recorded. But nobody in that band was interested in doing any more music, so my good friend from my hometown of Davenport, Iowa, Tom Kelley, who is in his own 60’s cover band, The Executives, out of Wisconsin decided to record virtually, meaning we would use the Internet to pass tracks back and forth.”

“Here’s a short bit of our first hit called “Running Away” which was rerecorded for our EP “Another Summer”, available on

[Play a section of “Running Away”]

“We dropped the Laughter and just went with The Silvers for a band name and have since recorded 6 albums and 5 what used to be called EPs which meant when we were still selling vinyl records, that was a 7” platter, same size as a 45, but played at 33 1/3 on the turntable so you could get 2 songs on each side. Ours have 4-6 songs and here’s one of them from our newest EP, “Mosaic” which was released on late this year. It’s our newest single and also a video on our YouTube channel, @thesilversmusic.”

[play “Edge Of The World”]

“Now if you go to our YouTube channel @thesilversmusic (all one word) you will see many of the animated videos that Juan Carlos and Randy Bishop have done for our band. This next song is our second most watched animated video called “I’m Dancing… Again”. It was originally on our “Back To Basics” album, but it was completely redone with a piano track from our studio engineer, David Kessner. In the video, the animators had Bo the dog as our pianist and his fingers barely moved!”

[play “I’m Dancing… Again”]

“Right now, The Silvers are working on a new album to be released in 2024 featuring 11 new songs written and recorded by the three of us, and it will be called “Paper Street”. I am going back to California in December to start recording so we don’t have anything to share with you yet. But we will fade out with a portion of one of the more popular songs from “Mosaic” (which is available on… hint, hint) called “It’s So Fast” and is sung by Dain who also plays all the guitar parts. We hope you enjoy it!”

[fade out on “It’s So Fast”]

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