The Silvers Newsletter March 2023

Hello Friends,

Well, with March comes some new recordings. The Silvers will be at Shabby Road Studio in Novato, California in the middle of March to record 5 new songs. Of those, 4 will be on the “Mosaic” EP and 1 will be for our 2023 Christmas contribution called “Cosy As Can Be (Beside The Christmas Tree)”.

And here’s a reminder that the Revlis Records website has gotten a slight update in that we now have on the menu a Singles page for songs that are not included on any album.

And The Silver want to be sure and say hello and thanks to all our new subscribers and fans who joined us last month.

On Radio Airplay we would like to welcome GM from Bermuda, KZM from Japan, Moongaze from Baltimore, Mike H. (whereabouts unknown), Ross from Hawaii, Slider from Canada, Sancho C. from India, Diane P. from Missouri, Chloe from Indiana, Listener 290061 from Ohio, John S. (whereabouts unknown), Walfris M. from Chicago and finally, Patricia G. from Sacramento.

Hello to all the people from Number One Music who joined us in February.

And let’s not forget the people who have been following us on Reverbnation. THANK YOU!

That’s it for now. See you next month.

Dain, Carl and Mick

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